Dr. Henry Prost, Dr. Roopa Sathyaprakash, PA Trang Truong, & PA Krista Allen appreciate the opportunity to provide you quality care. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you to serve your continuing health care needs. Dedicated to excellence, we offer clinical expertise in  Diabetes, Thyroid, Reproductive Medicine, and other Endocrine disorders. We provide state-of-the-art care that adheres to the standards set by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Diabetes Association, and American Thyroid Association.

    "Excellent staff.  Receptionist - efficient!  Nursing staff - so professional and friendly!  Dr. Roopa - so calm and understanding!  What a breath of fresh air!"

                                                            - Catherine Kramer, Mortgage Collections    

   "I would like to highly recommend Dr. Prost as a specialist in Endocrinology.  Being a Registered Nurse and having worked full time for about 50 years, it is with a good knowledge of both good and bad doctors.  Both Dr. Prost and his office staff were always professional with me."

                                                          - Dorothy Mathes, Registered Nurse

     "Dr. Roopa's concern and professionalism were responsible for the early diagnosis of my thyroid cancer.  She cared about my condition, studied my medical records, and made an educated decision about the tests and procedures to follow.  Because of her interest and discernment, we were able to catch the tumor before it spread." 

                                                        - Jennifer Arnold, Mom of Two 

  "When calling the office for an appointment for my husband, I spoke to Jordan, the appointment scheduler.  She was so thoughtful! Sensing our hope of seeing Dr. Prost soon, she worked my husband in and kept us from a long wait.  She was caring and courteous!!  We find ALL of Dr. Prost's staff to be helpful and most understanding!" 


                                                         - Anita H. Peterson

   "I would love to say thank you to your assistant for making me feel so much better and showing such concern.  You are a true asset to this office.  Thank you, Dr. Roopa, too for your relaxing voice and patience." 


                                                         - Mary Stone, Manager

   "Besides the fact that Dr. Prost and his nursing staff has helped me get through a very challenging time in my life as it relates to my Graves Disease, I must say that this is the most efficient practice that I have ever been a patient of.  Once I am checked in, I'm always called back on time and once I'm in the exam room, I don't have to wait another 30 minutes to see Dr. Prost.  One time I even showed up two hours early because I was already in the area and it didn't make sense for me to go back home.  I figured that I would just get some work done while I was waiting but to my surprise I was able to be seen 30 minutes after I checked in.  Amazing!!!  Even when calling the nurse to ask a question with an hour or so at the most, I am receiving a call back.  I can't say enough about the efficiency and effectiveness of this practice.  Thanks Dr. Prost and staff.  I really appreciate your hard work and dedication toward excellence."  

                                                         - James E. Garland II, Program Manager

    "Kim is wonderful.  I highly recommend Dr. Roopa, Associates and staff.  They are always on time and professional.  They are always willing to take the time to discuss and review any concerns I may have.  I have never felt rushed during my visits and really appreciate their time."


                                                         - Dawn Nguyen

   "Dr. Henry Prost has been my  Endocrinologist for several years.  He is truly one of the best.  He has always been patient with me regarding my medication and how I feel on the dosage.  I went for my appointment one day and I was a little jaundiced, I thought.  Right away he called my Liver Specialist and gave a prescription to start on right away.  He then said I should go straight to the ER.  He saved my life that day.  If you or someone you care about need an Endocrinologist, you will not go wrong with Dr. Prost!"

                                                          - Daphne Pringle, Artist

   "I moved to Texas from Colorado and I have never, before your office, had such good, friendly treatment.  I love the nurses and office staff."


                                                         - Mary Symonds, Retired Walmart Greeter

    "I was referred by my Employee to go to Dr. Prost.  I was totally surprised by the excellent way Dr. Prost's team handles his patients.  The office is neat, clean, and cheerful.  Dr. Prost is on top of his game.  He explains, truly cares, and listens.  P.S.  Dr. Prost and his staff never seem to rush you and they appear to like each other!"

                                                         - Joy Smith, Assistant Superintendent

  "Dr. Prost has been my Endocrinologist for several years now.  He is wonderful!  Extremely knowledgeable and upbeat.  His calm demeanor and pleasant professionalism puts me at ease.  I always feel better about my health and what I need to accomplish on leaving his office!" 

                                                          - Kathleen Slaton, 401K Specialist

   "Your scheduler, Felicia,  is friendly, helpful, and informative.  She willingly took it upon herself to do some investigating for me so that my appointment would best fit my medical needs as well as my schedule.  I truly appreciate her positive attitude in a day and age where customer service is often times an inconvenience.  Felicia went above and beyond to be sure I was taken care of!  Thank you!" 

                                                          - Carolyn Helm, Teacher

   "I feel safe and cared for with Dr. Prost as my Endocrinologist.  He is patient and kind.  He knows how to converse with me in a manner that is non-confrontational which allows me to choose to be accountable for the results of my wellness visit.  I recommend Dr. Henry Prost to all my friends.  I laugh whenever any medical issue arises and my husband says, "Go see your doctor, the one you trust," and I know he means, Dr. Prost!  And I do!" 

                                                          - Guia Vitek, Executive Assistant

   "Dr. Prost has managed my Type II Diabetes since 2004.  Because of his professional knowledge and outstanding skills, my Diabetes is being kept under exceptional control.  I highly recommend Dr. Prost to all with similar conditions.  His staff are the utmost professionals with focus on the patient's care & comfort."

                                                         - William C. Cook, Retired

   "I moved to Texas from Colorado and I have never, before your office, had such good, friendly treatment.  I love the nurses and office staff."

                                                         - Mary Symonds, Retired Walmart Greeter

   "I came to Dr. Prost with my diabetic issues and blood sugars out of control.  I was 315 lbs.  Dr. Prost aggressively began treating and monitoring my health.  One year later, I am 232 lbs. and my health has improved drastically.  I have recommended my son and best friend to Dr. Prost and now he is doing for them what he's done for me."

                                                         - Gene Edwards, Pastor

   "I was referred by Dr. Nguyen of Bedford, Texas nine months ago.  I am a diabetic.  I have improved from an A1C of 8.0 to the present 6.5.  I feel much more alive since achieving this and know under Dr. Henry Prost's careful eye, I will continue to have better control of my diabetes."

                                                         - Mary Pless, Retired LVN

"Dr. Prost is exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough.  He has a skill for explaining complicated medical information in a simple, understandable way.  The best part is he has great bedside manners and is, oh, so likable!  The staff is extremely courteous and helpful.  I highly recommend Dr. Prost."

                                                         - Toni Nguyen, Attorney                        

  "Dr. Prost has been able to fine tune my prescription dosage in a way which helps me feel and function better.  The website was a huge help with insurance issues.  The ability to request an appointment online was amazingly easy and helpful.  The staff worked with me on my insurance issues as well.  Thanks so much!  The Nurse Practitioner is also a great asset in understanding hormonal needs from a woman's perspective."

                                                         - Rebecca Hournbuckle, Instructor

   "I am very pleased and content with the service I receive here with Dr. Prost's office.  I will surely always have Dr. Prost as my doctor."

                                                         - Dr. Ed Lancaster                      

   "Dr. Prost and his staff have been a huge help in allowing me to accomplish my dreams!  When I was diagnosed my freshman year of high school, my dreams of being a Division 1 football player never changed.  Dr. Prost and his staff are a vital part of all of my success!"

                                                         - Justin Padron

    "I was so impressed with Dr. Prost.  He is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough.  However, when I met the Nurse Practitioner, I was even more impressed by this practice.  She listens, is compassionate and has great follow up - also very knowledgeable.  The office staff is excellent too and you aren't kept waiting."

                                                          - Elizabeth Jones, Vice President

     "I like the approach that the Nurse Practitioner has taken in helping manage my blood sugar level.  She has become a very important part in my health care team.  Her dedication insures that I get the best comprehensive care available."

                                                          - Daniel Bailey, Sales

     "Dr. Prost and his entire staff are very thorough and efficient.  They respect their patient's time and provide excellent treatment!" 

- Janelle Whittington, Ministry Worker

    "Dr. Prost is the best Endocrinologist I have ever had.  I have needed one for 33 years!  The entire staff is friendly and most importantly, timely and efficient!"    "I have been a patient of Dr. Prost for years and find him to be a doctor who truly cares for his patients.  I'm thankful that despite how busy his office can become, his staff always extends kindness toward his patients.  To Lisa, Thank you for being so thoughtful, helpful, & kind to me.  In these stressful times, it truly means a lot!"

                                                          - Rochelle Ross, Leadership Coordinator


    "Dr. Prost's staff is excellent!  Thank you especially to Lina.  It was a blessing to be worked in so quickly.  Dr. Prost is a blessing.  It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan.  I can't recommend this practice highly enough.

                                                          - Jean Allison

    "It's the most organized and punctual office I've been in.  Dr. Prost was easy to communicate with and very pleasant."

                                                          - Frances Mosier, Retired

    "The service I receive at Dr. Prost's office is outstanding.  From the time I check-in until I check-out, I am handled professionally and with respect.  I highly recommend Dr. Prost and his staff."

                                                          - Jack W. Matthews, Business Owner

    "I just want to say thank you and super job to Felicia, the appointment scheduler.  I had to change my appointment time.  Bless her heart, we played phone tag but she made sure to call me back repeatedly until she was able to get me taken care of and was always very pleasant.  Just a note - This office personnel rocks."


                                                         - Marla Sohns, Medical Assistant


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